Car Dealership

We sell new and used cars from Western Europe. Experienced staff and trusted foreign contacts lets us ensure that all of our sold cars are of pristine quality and have no hidden defects. Have a look at our current stock, here.

Middle-Man Services

Found a car that you want to buy, but you’re not sure if the vehicle is technically safe and doesn’t have any hidden defects? Our team can help you out! We’ll help you find out the true condition of a car and provide a thorough and unbiased review of your motor vehicle. To get a quote from us, click here.


Various types of transportation for affordable prices. We offer only trust-worthy, technically sound and safe cars. Rental contracts are done individually for every client. Interested? Contact us!

Sport Racing

Ever wondered what’s it like to drive on a race track? We offer an extreme driving experience with a kitted out sports BMW on the Nemuno ring race track with a seasoned driver. Contact us and see you on the track!